One surprising way to get noticed fast

We live in an extremely competitive world. Where every voice wants to be heard. But is there enough space for everyone to share the spotlight? My answer is a simple YES, I believe so. What the question really should be is, are you worthy of the spotlight?

From the minute you enter this world you are made to believe that you are in competition with everyone.

In schools: You are put in different classes according to your test results

At work: You are set a target to achieve to prove you are competent enough

Family: You are made to compete against your siblings  for higher recognition

The list goes on…

Competition is not a bad thing in itself, it only becomes bad when we are made to feel inferior for not meeting someone’s ideal standard. In fact, competition is good, it keeps us productive, it can inspire us and it keeps things interesting and fun.

But with so many people doing exactly what you are doing, you start to wonder how you will ever excel or be the best in your world. There is a very easy way to get noticed and to get the attention you need. People want to get noticed for different reasons. The reason why you want to get noticed is important in itself, because if you know why you want people to notice you then you can gain some real long-term result. If your reasons for getting noticed are selfish and not generating any benefit to your audience, beware, you will lose credibility and things will quickly work against you. If what you are offering is genuine and has potential to help or solve a problem then keep reading for pointers.


  • Do Something and be known for it – if anyone asks what is it that you do? Proudly tell them. Not in a boastful way of course but be confident to tell people what it is you do.
  • Be consistent – You must be known for what it is you do at all times ….whatever it is you do, you are the best advertisement for it. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool to get noticed
  • Be authentic – Everyone else is already taken so try and be yourself. The reason I choose to follow new influencers and brands is that they offer something different and unique. There is nothing wrong with emulating the best out there but there is nothing interesting if you are doing exactly the same thing as Mr X, Y and Z.

Get noticed

The one thing which will truly make the most difference, raising standards and getting you noticed is to know your craft. You may not be perfect but you can certainly improve. Develop unique and valuable content for your audience. Ensure that what you put out is the best it can ever be. Be so knowledgeable about what it is you do. Produce quality content which is worth consuming. Value is what we are all after. 

Becoming the best in your field, in your world, in your place of work. This is not going to happen overnight. We are all at a different level of operation in whichever field we operate in. But at your level can you say you have done the best you can do. Could you improve in any other way?

One way to prove your work is to test it. Let someone evaluate your work, your creations. Perhaps run it with more than just one person so you know there is no bias. Be open to criticism, getting it wrong doesn’t mean you have failed, it just lets you know what you need to improve on.

I personally apply these principles. And I have been able to see results days after days. Let me know what you do to get noticed, or are you bothered at all?

You know what to do! Keep making incredible things!


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How minimalism improved my life

‘Minimalism’ is a  number of things. But in the context of this post, it refers to a type of lifestyle where you free yourself from unnecessary possessions. It can also be described as consuming fewer commodities for the purpose of productivity, well-being and modesty amongst many other things.

I have never considered a lifestyle where getting rid of material things is highly revered and followed with utmost discipline. But it hit me hard a couple of years ago when things in my house got a little manic. My house was full of stuff I couldn’t account for. I had kept things which I had hoped I would use again and every time I was convinced to let go of all these items of baggage I would persuade myself that it might, in fact, come in handy one faithful day. Regrettably that faithful day never came and I had to accept that it will never come. It dawned on me at that present time that I had held on to stuff out of emotional guilt. I was so emotionally attached to material junk that I couldn’t foresee a future without them. Instead, I locked unwanted objects in every storage space in my house in the hope they would one day relive their glorious days.

But something wonderful finally triggered my minimalist instinct…

I became a parent! The arrival of my son forced me to adopt a new lifestyle, not because I was sold or converted to it. I was obliged to make room for a new human being. This came at a cost. I sacrificed my junk for his necessities (mainly nappies and wipes) – But it was all worth it.

Only when objected to this new lifestyle did  I recognised the benefit of it. Why had I never considered getting rid of clothes I hadn’t worn in 6 months – I really don’t know. It very quickly became very addictive, I got rid of my magazine collection, make-up, shoes, kitchen utensils, the list goes on…

Improving factors:

  1. Minimalism creates room for more useful possessions. Even if it means replacing junk with nothing, you still gain less baggage, less load and more living space. And you start to appreciate the simple things in life.
  2. Improved productivity becomes apparent. Studies have shown that a clean and free-living space can drastically improve quality of life.  I always work better in a cleaner and especially uncluttered space. It allows me to focus. Minimalism creates the perfect atmosphere for meditation, studying and other creative activities.
  3. Saving money is by far my greatest motivation. Abstaining from spending money irresponsibly is a great achievement. Of course, it takes discipline also but any motivating factor goes a long way.

I highly recommend minimalism in some areas of one’s life. I understand not everyone can do without a tv or an espresso machine but there are genuinely stuff we could do with dumping once and for all. So come on join the movement.

My Top 3 Minimalist Inspirational bloggers/vloggers

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Let’s make incredible things…


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7 Signs Social Media is Ruining Your Life


  1. Checking your social feed first thing in the morning
  2. Complaints from friends/family/colleagues
  3. Frustration and anguish are  as you are unable to keep up with regular posting
  4. Unproductivity and procrastination is on the increase
  5. You are on every social media platform there can be
  6. Too many notifications on your mobile device
  7. Losing focus on other tasks


If some of these signs sound a little too familiar, don’t despair!! Here are a few tips

If some of these signs sound a little too familiar, don’t despair!! Here are a few tips.
Some of the signs above were signs which started to bother me a bit too much, so don’t think you are alone. I quickly learnt that not every social platform was beneficial to me. What I regularly do, is to deactivate unnecessary notifications, so that it doesn’t distract me when attempting to accomplish other important tasks. I have also deleted, uninstalled and completely abandoned unimportant social platforms. I mean if you can not keep up with posting on every platform then this is an indication that you are accumulating unnecessary work for yourself. Simply choose which platforms are suitable and of most use to yourself and to your business.


If you are using social media for business purposes, then you may need a social media strategy. There are tones of material on how to be effective in this area. So do your research and don’t be in the dark about it. There is everything from Apps, websites, books, name it… There is some much material available to help managing social media platform.


Please don’t ignore this tip! – Don’t follow fads. Some social platform will come with a massive hype, that’s the life cycle of these social products. They might have a huge following and popularity in the beginning but with time they become very unpopular due to their lack of innovation and purpose and their success become short-lived. If you use social media for personal or business reasons – learn to distinguish between fads and trend. Trends have a greater potential to have a long-term success and influence whereas fads – they will soon disappear and make you wonder what you got involved in the first place.


The excessive use of social media can have a negative impact on those around you but most importantly on yourself. I personally have been affected by the effect of misusing social media. This is one of the problems which has led me to write about ‘The great escape’‘5 ways to escape without leaving your front door’. We all need a break from time to time, a few minutes or hours of silence. A break from Social media is required regularly. Friends and family may become concerned and with all honesty, it bothers me too when I have a conversation with a friend and they are more interested in their Instagram feed than what I have to say. Every good thing must be used in moderation, otherwise, it becomes toxic.


Hope this blog post helped. Also, check my resources section. I have suggestion of material which can be of help.

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Clarity of purpose: why it is crucial for success


Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links


‘Efforts and courage are not enough without purpose and direction’

John F Kennedy

A lot can be said on the topic of ‘purpose’ but its importance can never be overemphasised. Without purpose, you cannot define your ultimate reason for existence. Everything you do revolves around it. It is the reason why you wake up, it determines your career, your job, the choices you make on a daily basis. See why it is a determining factor when it comes to your success? Without purpose, everything you do is simply meaningless and equates to a series countless actions.

Purpose gives you a definite sense of direction. I always talk about the WHY. It’s one of the most important questions you can ask yourself. When you have a clear understanding of the reason you want to achieve success, you are more likely to get there.

recently I read ‘The law of success’ by Napoleon Hill who emphasised this to me:

‘Every well-built house started in the form of a definite purpose plus a definite plan in the nature of a set of blueprints’

Knowing who you are is one of the first steps in defining a clear purpose. What are your core values? Your convictions? How do you define you?

I love a good story but for this post, I will save you all the boring details and get right into it. I think the best way to explain purpose is using our relationships. Some relationships fail because the parties involved don’t understand the purpose of their relationship. They vaguely know what they want, and to be honest most people have got no clue what they want out of a relationship. Most people describe what they want their partner/friend to look like or what they want to get out of a relationship (this is sad). If your relationship is founded on physical appearance and what you expect to get then you have completely missed the point

Perhaps people don’t understand that purpose is not what you get out of life but it is what you give to make life a success.

If you are still wondering what concrete benefit you will derive from having a clarity of purpose – here it is:

Decisiveness: it creates a clear path to guide you towards achieving your goal. Eliminating any confusion about what it is you’re supposed to do at every point in time.

Focus: living from a position of confusion becomes a thing of the past and you will be able to face life without any ambiguity. Your ‘why’ is defined therefore you can tackle any situation head-on knowing what your end result should be.

Organisation: there is such thing as ‘arranged chaos’ – this is when you have recognised your purpose but you are still in doubt or unsure about it. But clarity of purpose brings orderly thinking and structured activities which leads to productivities thus success.

Maybe you don’t know what you want, what your purpose is. And that’s understandable but don’t stay where you are – get the knowledge you require to move your life forward and achieving total success.

Don’t stay in the dark any longer, here is a great program which will give you a better idea of what to do with your life! I have been long hardened follower of Bob Proctor, I would not recommend any of his programs if I did not think they deliver on quality.

For all my personal development posts, visit Personal Development.


Let’s keep making incredible things…

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