7 Signs Social Media is Ruining Your Life


  1. Checking your social feed first thing in the morning
  2. Complaints from friends/family/colleagues
  3. Frustration and anguish are  as you are unable to keep up with regular posting
  4. Unproductivity and procrastination is on the increase
  5. You are on every social media platform there can be
  6. Too many notifications on your mobile device
  7. Losing focus on other tasks


If some of these signs sound a little too familiar, don’t despair!! Here are a few tips

If some of these signs sound a little too familiar, don’t despair!! Here are a few tips.
Some of the signs above were signs which started to bother me a bit too much, so don’t think you are alone. I quickly learnt that not every social platform was beneficial to me. What I regularly do, is to deactivate unnecessary notifications, so that it doesn’t distract me when attempting to accomplish other important tasks. I have also deleted, uninstalled and completely abandoned unimportant social platforms. I mean if you can not keep up with posting on every platform then this is an indication that you are accumulating unnecessary work for yourself. Simply choose which platforms are suitable and of most use to yourself and to your business.


If you are using social media for business purposes, then you may need a social media strategy. There are tones of material on how to be effective in this area. So do your research and don’t be in the dark about it. There is everything from Apps, websites, books, name it… There is some much material available to help managing social media platform.


Please don’t ignore this tip! – Don’t follow fads. Some social platform will come with a massive hype, that’s the life cycle of these social products. They might have a huge following and popularity in the beginning but with time they become very unpopular due to their lack of innovation and purpose and their success become short-lived. If you use social media for personal or business reasons – learn to distinguish between fads and trend. Trends have a greater potential to have a long-term success and influence whereas fads – they will soon disappear and make you wonder what you got involved in the first place.


The excessive use of social media can have a negative impact on those around you but most importantly on yourself. I personally have been affected by the effect of misusing social media. This is one of the problems which has led me to write about ‘The great escape’‘5 ways to escape without leaving your front door’. We all need a break from time to time, a few minutes or hours of silence. A break from Social media is required regularly. Friends and family may become concerned and with all honesty, it bothers me too when I have a conversation with a friend and they are more interested in their Instagram feed than what I have to say. Every good thing must be used in moderation, otherwise, it becomes toxic.


Hope this blog post helped. Also, check my resources section. I have suggestion of material which can be of help.


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