Born in a beautiful land formerly Know as Zaire, in the year 1989. The country more commonly known as RDC Congo. My birth story is the most beautiful one I have heard. Mum was rushed to hospital on a motorbike driven by a family friend and soon upon arrival gave birth to me. I love hearing tales of my birth, my country and the culture I left at such an early age.

I must have been about 1 year when I left the Congo. My father initially made the move to Belgium. And my elder brother, mum and I  joined him soon after. Life in Belgium was beautiful but somewhat difficult. When you are younger, parents often try to shield us from the hardship and pains they endure, but as a kid I was not naive and understood the reality of life from an early age.

I grew up quickly and became responsible at a young age. This was aided by having two younger sisters who kept me very disciplined and full of eventful tasks. I have always loved being one of the elder siblings because  I loved having more freedom from a young age.

Belgium was a land with fierce attitude and plenty of challenging mentality. Thankfully, we didn’t remain there too long. In 2001 we once more migrated to a more sophisticated country, The United Kingdom. The Land which flows with custard cream and earl grey tea. I love this country more than I have expressed in the past.

Let’s fast forward things a little bit. So, I married my best friend, we have 2 kids together and now live happily ever after. I know I skipped a whole lot of details but I don’t want to spill all the tea out here. Okayyy.

The reason for this blog is simple. I’m a massive introvert,  but I find life fascinating, I have passion to share and to write. Although things may not always be grammatically correct or not even make complete sense. But this is pure joy to me, to regularly share snippets of my life, thoughts, achievement, life lessons, exploits but also challenges with you. In the hope that someone can be encouraged through every media that I share and post.

You may ask why the name ‘Made Incredible’. Well Simply because that’s who I am. I am made beautiful by my creator, so I stand incredible in His sight and I want to radiate this incredible spirit in all that I do including through this blog. If you made it this far, thank you for reading and choosing to check this blog out.

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Thanks for your support. Keep making things incredible. x