About me

Hello my name is Joy Rose. I am married to my best friend Paul and we have two incredibly handsome boys.

 Made incredible was birthed in 2014 while I was in university. Back then I was clueless about which direction to take creatively. But one thing I was always sure of is that I loved to write. No matter the circumstance, I always enjoy writing. I have been penning my thoughts down and writing songs since I was 13.

The purpose of this blog is to inspire many to make their lives and world more incredible each day.

My belief is that ‘as a man thinks in his heart, so is he’ You are what you ponder upon. So I’m all about creating beautiful and incredible mind blowing content for you to ponder on. I passionately believe in continual and progressive personal development, hence I live on the scriptures and that’s where my love for motivational lifestyle comes from.

I currently live in a beautiful town called Northampton.

And when I’m not running after my boys or making bowls of salad,  I simply sell Avon!

I hope you join me on this incredible journey to help make each day more incredible!

Joy Rose  xox