Broken Glass Ceiling

I never thought I would say this but I think I perceive what was the glass ceiling in my career. I have finally arrived at the point where I need to move to the next stage in my career but it is getting a little bit hard. Could it be because of the glass ceiling? Which often depicted as an obstruction to mainly women and people of ethnic minority.

It’s funny how I feel like the bigger opportunities are being shielded away. It looks like only a certain kind of people are given the opportunities, I feel like ‘the Elite’ of society have stolen the show and all that I am left with is the minuscule crumbs which hardly leave any taste in my mouth.

I have officially resigned in my mind. I have made up my mind that I no longer want to work to enrich a few people at the top. I am tired of being told that the world is my oyster. The everyday man is trapped in a similar story. We get a pay check for our efforts but the pay check quickly evades. I pay the bills, the essentials, the creditors and I am left with a surplus which I can hardly invest with or truly profit in because it soon gets consumed in the unending unexpected expenses of my life, Wow what a mouth full.

I am done with working hard and not getting promoted, I refuse to work hard with not prospect in sight. I will no longer work too hard without securing a better future for my children.

I broke through the glass ceiling years ago. The day I decided to create ‘’. I am disappointed that I didn’t truly believe in this vision. But I have no regrets because lessons have been learnt.

To every boy and every girl,

Don’t compromise your beliefs, your faith, your morals for a place at the big table. Instead uphold your convictions and make room for other at your table. Only compromise if it is for the greater good. Don’t allow anyone to mold you into something which goes against your character.

Today is the day when I remembered how I broke the glass ceiling, by running my own race.


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