How minimalism improved my life

‘Minimalism’ is a  number of things. But in the context of this post, it refers to a type of lifestyle where you free yourself from unnecessary possessions. It can also be described as consuming fewer commodities for the purpose of productivity, well-being and modesty amongst many other things.

I have never considered a lifestyle where getting rid of material things is highly revered and followed with utmost discipline. But it hit me hard a couple of years ago when things in my house got a little manic. My house was full of stuff I couldn’t account for. I had kept things which I had hoped I would use again and every time I was convinced to let go of all these items of baggage I would persuade myself that it might, in fact, come in handy one faithful day. Regrettably that faithful day never came and I had to accept that it will never come. It dawned on me at that present time that I had held on to stuff out of emotional guilt. I was so emotionally attached to material junk that I couldn’t foresee a future without them. Instead, I locked unwanted objects in every storage space in my house in the hope they would one day relive their glorious days.

But something wonderful finally triggered my minimalist instinct…

I became a parent! The arrival of my son forced me to adopt a new lifestyle, not because I was sold or converted to it. I was obliged to make room for a new human being. This came at a cost. I sacrificed my junk for his necessities (mainly nappies and wipes) – But it was all worth it.

Only when objected to this new lifestyle did  I recognised the benefit of it. Why had I never considered getting rid of clothes I hadn’t worn in 6 months – I really don’t know. It very quickly became very addictive, I got rid of my magazine collection, make-up, shoes, kitchen utensils, the list goes on…

Improving factors:

  1. Minimalism creates room for more useful possessions. Even if it means replacing junk with nothing, you still gain less baggage, less load and more living space. And you start to appreciate the simple things in life.
  2. Improved productivity becomes apparent. Studies have shown that a clean and free-living space can drastically improve quality of life.  I always work better in a cleaner and especially uncluttered space. It allows me to focus. Minimalism creates the perfect atmosphere for meditation, studying and other creative activities.
  3. Saving money is by far my greatest motivation. Abstaining from spending money irresponsibly is a great achievement. Of course, it takes discipline also but any motivating factor goes a long way.

I highly recommend minimalism in some areas of one’s life. I understand not everyone can do without a tv or an espresso machine but there are genuinely stuff we could do with dumping once and for all. So come on join the movement.

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