10 ways I invest in myself for success

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Investing in you is one of the most important things you can ever do for yourself. It is also one of the most profitable investments you can ever make. Adding value to yourself makes you indispensable, relevant, attractive and most importantly knowledgeable.

So here are my tips on different ways you can invest in yourself. These are things I do on regular basis guys. Investing in you is a long-term commitment, finding the right resources for yourself will go a long way in yielding permanent and lasting results in all endeavours of your life.

1. Find what you’re good at – Become real good at it

 Author/speaker Josh Kaufman has a really interesting TED video about learning any skills in 20 hours or less, he goes into more details in his book ‘The first 20 hours: How to learn anything … Fast.’  It’s interesting how we can be so good at something but never fulfil our full potential of fully grasping our area of interest.

Find what you’re good at and become an expert at it. We are full of talent and gifts, well some of them are your special craft. It’s that thing you are supposed to do – that gift which you share with the world – that passion which you can no longer hide. Harness that gift, invest in it, keep gaining knowledge and bless the world with it. One day you’ll be telling the world the story on how you became the best at…

2. Read a Book

Be so good they can’t ignore you.’

Becoming an expert in your field.  People go astray when they lack knowledge. People are more perceptible to make mistake when they are misinformed. Make it habit to read more. Buy books, read articles which will not only enrich your specific area of interest but also read to broaden your knowledge horizon. I am trying to make a habit of reading a book a week. Now, I can’t say I am there yet but once you set yourself a target you are halfway there, it’s just a matter of reviewing your goal to see if it has been met –  and if not then find out why and make an adjustment and persevere.

3. Go on a course

Face to face or interactive course are a great way to be taught as you can have the opportunity to network and apprehend much-required knowledge on a particular subject. I have attended webinar/conference that has propelled me to a higher level in my business and personal life. ‘Made incredible’ was established as a result of many courses. Yes, I had a vision but you require knowledge to fulfil the visions and dreams you may have. Nothing good really comes cheap guys, I know there is tons of free material you can find online but in-depth knowledge and expertise are often required and it doesn’t always come cheap. When I started one of my blogs years ago, I relied on free tools for the most part which was convenient at the time but it also came with so many limitations and problems. There are things you will have to pay for, but no matter what your budget is, be assured that with the right research you will find a course appropriate for yourself.

4. Back to School

Going to university is by far one of my greatest achievement. It took time and money but I can now say it was worth it. University may not be the right path for you. Your aspiration may require a different academic path. Nevertheless going back to school or acquiring certified accreditation can be beneficial to attain the desired career or to enter a specific field of business.

5. Get a mentor

If you ask me, I believe everyone should have a mentor. And unknowingly you may already have subscribed to a life mentor. There are leaders and there are followers but know that every leader is still a follower. We all need direction and guidance. It doesn’t mean we are incompetent or inadequate in living our lives but there are things which we may not see unless shown, they are paths we ought to take in order to progress. Mentoring is indispensable if you want to be the best. I love what Bob Proctor said about mentoring:

“A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you”

Bob Proctor

6. Podcast

I got introduced to podcasts about seven years ago.What really got me hooked on listening to podcasts is the fact that you can listen to them anywhere. Learning while on the go. I also find them very personal, almost like they are talking to you alone (okay a bit weird). If you’re not bookworm and but love learning, well, you’ve found a new way to still acquire knowledge. The cool thing about the podcast is that there are genre and niche for everyone. Whether it’s Science, sports or health there is bound to be a subject to keep you listening.

7. work experience

Have you ever been in a situation where you are qualified for a job but simply have not got practical experience?  I am sure everyone has been in this situation at least once in there lifetime. Well, it’s fair to say that if you were in an employers shoes, sometimes you just need someone that can not only do the job but has done the job enough time not to screw it up. sometimes you just have to accept that you need to get more experience in your field. If you don’t get the job because of lack of experience, don’t beat yourself too hard, just find someone who is willing to give you the opportunity to acquire the experience you need to move up.

8. Eat, sleep, move

Eat better, sleep well and move more. I am still working on all of them but I have learned that you can not neglect any of them. Soon enough they will catch up with you so we might as well keep them in check. Find a diet regiment which is right for you. Now, that may take some trial and error, but that’s okay just try and understand your body’s dietary  needs early rather than later because prevention is better than cure.

Sleep is one of those areas which I still have to work on, especially when you have not got full control of it (i.e Kids) Still achievable though.

Notice I said move’ and not exercise. The ‘E’ word is taboo in my house, but I am getting a little bit more comfortable with it. I won’t pretend that I like exercising but I can’t deny its benefit and importance. I keep my exercises very basic, I walk a lot -which helps, I also invested in ankle weights a couple of years ago which I wear regularly either at home or under baggy trousers. I also use then as resistance tools when squatting or doing other home exercises.

9. Honour your parents

You want to live longer, here is the key. There is something amazing about this law. Just observe the lives of those who honour their parents, pay respect to their elders and acknowledge authority, they make tremendous progress. If you have a broken relationship with your parents try and mend it as soon as possible. It is a sensitive subject because some may not have parents. There is always an opportunity to do the right things until you do nothing and the opportunity is gone.

Appreciate those that came before. Give honour to who its due. No only will it give you a good feel, but most importantly you are laying foundation by practising appreciation.

10. Change your mindset

Your thoughts affect what you believe in and what you believe in affects your confession and your confession controls the direction in which your life goes. What you let in your mind is crucial. The person you become, the quality of life you will live. Nothing happens by chance and if you think whatever will be will be then you need to get educated on the power of your mind.

Call to action

No matter what you do, do it consistently and diligently.  Remember that with the right action change will come, and your investment will yields results.


Let’s make incredible things…


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