One surprising way to get noticed fast

We live in an extremely competitive world. Where every voice wants to be heard. But is there enough space for everyone to share the spotlight? My answer is a simple YES, I believe so. What the question really should be is, are you worthy of the spotlight?

From the minute you enter this world you are made to believe that you are in competition with everyone.

In schools: You are put in different classes according to your test results

At work: You are set a target to achieve to prove you are competent enough

Family: You are made to compete against your siblings  for higher recognition

The list goes on…

Competition is not a bad thing in itself, it only becomes bad when we are made to feel inferior for not meeting someone’s ideal standard. In fact, competition is good, it keeps us productive, it can inspire us and it keeps things interesting and fun.

But with so many people doing exactly what you are doing, you start to wonder how you will ever excel or be the best in your world. There is a very easy way to get noticed and to get the attention you need. People want to get noticed for different reasons. The reason why you want to get noticed is important in itself, because if you know why you want people to notice you then you can gain some real long-term result. If your reasons for getting noticed are selfish and not generating any benefit to your audience, beware, you will lose credibility and things will quickly work against you. If what you are offering is genuine and has potential to help or solve a problem then keep reading for pointers.


  • Do Something and be known for it – if anyone asks what is it that you do? Proudly tell them. Not in a boastful way of course but be confident to tell people what it is you do.
  • Be consistent – You must be known for what it is you do at all times ….whatever it is you do, you are the best advertisement for it. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool to get noticed
  • Be authentic – Everyone else is already taken so try and be yourself. The reason I choose to follow new influencers and brands is that they offer something different and unique. There is nothing wrong with emulating the best out there but there is nothing interesting if you are doing exactly the same thing as Mr X, Y and Z.

Get noticed

The one thing which will truly make the most difference, raising standards and getting you noticed is to know your craft. You may not be perfect but you can certainly improve. Develop unique and valuable content for your audience. Ensure that what you put out is the best it can ever be. Be so knowledgeable about what it is you do. Produce quality content which is worth consuming. Value is what we are all after. 

Becoming the best in your field, in your world, in your place of work. This is not going to happen overnight. We are all at a different level of operation in whichever field we operate in. But at your level can you say you have done the best you can do. Could you improve in any other way?

One way to prove your work is to test it. Let someone evaluate your work, your creations. Perhaps run it with more than just one person so you know there is no bias. Be open to criticism, getting it wrong doesn’t mean you have failed, it just lets you know what you need to improve on.

I personally apply these principles. And I have been able to see results days after days. Let me know what you do to get noticed, or are you bothered at all?

You know what to do! Keep making incredible things!



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