Regaining Sanity

I was facing a near breakdown after the birth of my second child. I could not cope with the lack of sleep, the painful feeds and the very hectic routine.

I barely had time for myself. I was beyond tired, I was on the brink of a nervous breakdown. I lacked a sense of purpose even though all my time was devoted to ensure the well-being of a new born baby.

I was extremely envious of those who didn’t have responsibility. I dreamt of escaping to a a lonely island where I could sleep in peace and without a cry and endless screams.

What do you do when your minds seemed full of anxiety? Get rid of all expectations. We put ourselves under a lot of pressure. We want to be able to seen as a super heroes and the role can not be occupied by us all the time. We must recognize when it is time to ask for help. It is okay not to assume all responsibility when you have just given birth.

Is your stress to heavy to bear? Give it over. Don’t carry more than you can handle. Become resilient but also recognize your vulnerability sometimes. Begin to regain sanity. Don’t worry about the things which will not cause negative impact. Cleaning dishes and laundry should be the last thing on your mind when your world has been shaken a little hard.

Big changes are hard to manage and digest. And that’s why it is important to take baby steps. Don’t try to immediately adjust into a life you have never lived. It is okay to slow down and give time to understand the new terrain. In hindsight I truly wished I had just allowed myself to heal and just relax a little when I just gave birth.


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