The Art of Finishing what You Have Started

Have you ever embarked on a new exciting project? It is the starting point and you are filled with the most profound sense of achievement although you haven’t even started yet. You are ever so focused always having the end in mind. This task means a lot to you so you invest all your resources into it. Your motivation levels…

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How minimalism improved my life

‘Minimalism’ is a  number of things. But in the context of this post, it refers to a type of lifestyle where you free yourself from unnecessary possessions. It can also be described as consuming fewer commodities for the purpose of productivity, well-being and modesty amongst many other things. I have never considered a lifestyle where getting rid of material things…

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7 Signs Social Media is Ruining Your Life

  Checking your social feed first thing in the morning Complaints from friends/family/colleagues Frustration and anguish are  as you are unable to keep up with regular posting Unproductivity and procrastination is on the increase You are on every social media platform there can be Too many notifications on your mobile device Losing focus on other tasks   If some of…

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