The Meghan Markle Effect

Dear young people
The newly titled, Her Royal Highness Duchess of Sussex formerly known as American actress Meghan Markle is not your ticket out of oppression, she is not the answer to racial disparity. She is not a lifeline or a means to escape the hard time any of you may be facing. She is not going to solve the enormity of unsolved problems our society is dealing with. Get over it!

Yes we can
This is not to critical expose on the newly wed (Hey I’m a royalist too). I love the royal family . But I have recently been seeing all sort of unrealistic expectation being laid on the new Princess as though she is responsible for our upkeep. Because she is unconventional and has broken records and norms doesn’t mean she will in turn reform your standard of living. After all, even Obama couldn’t solve the racial issue in America, therefore Markle is certainly not your ticket out of hardship.

Hope not in man
Take note, we see success and we immediately think that they owe us some kind of favour. We see someone doing well, and we think they have a responsibility to sort us out too. Look, life doesn’t work like that. You too, can have what you desire. Markle didn’t apprehend Prince Harry over night. They must have worked on their relationship, they both made sacrifices for the beautiful union and marriage we’re witnessing today.

Good intention
Markle has in the past championed amazing causes and spoken about important topics. That itself is great, and we need patrons and ambassadors to highlight important causes. But Shining a light on a particular subject doesn’t address the problem, it only exposes it. I live in one of the world riches country yet I see people sleeping rough, I see kids who still live in poverty. I see division and inequality everywhere.

You are enough
Your problems are not going to be solved by idolising great people, even the government can not solve your problems. I’ve learnt to not put my trust in men. Instead look inward. Individually, we have a role to play. We are the masters of our own lives, we have a responsibility to ourselves first. Make ‘you’ great first. If you think Markle is going to make your life great, think again. Sure be inspired by her achievement, by all means emulate the good in her but create an accolade of your own, leave a lasting legacy of your own. Become your own inspiration.
We sometimes sell ourselves short. We value others more than we value ourselves. Count yourself worthy, believe in you, believe you have what it takes to make yourself better off. The potential of a tree lies in its seed. Everything you require is already in you. You just need to bring it out.

Call to action
The Meghan Markle effect has been felt everywhere. Why? Because she now represents change, she represents the new, the modern. She has broken ranks and tradition, she has modernised the royal family with a ‘I can influence change’ mindset. But truth be told… She has not got the power to modernise your life, so by all means be inspired but most importantly take charge of your own life.

I know all too well that It takes a strong desire to effect a change. Maybe you haven’t harness enough courage to become the change you want to see. And that’s okay. The first step is always the realisation that things can no longer stay the same. What you need next is more information and more importantly accept and believe the reality that you can change the circumstance you are in. What you want to do next is change your attitude, change the way you do things, speak the right words and listen to the right folks. Then take action. Things are not going to change themselves. Get in the drivers seat, turn on the engine and drive. Destination?… You decide.


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