The Most Important Lesson I learnt in my 20’s which completely changed my life

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You may have been directed to this post from various platforms. Perhaps you stumbled here and got reading more and more. But the common reasons for your sudden entrance into this blog post may be as follows…

  1. you’re no longer 20 and wonder what you may have missed in your 20’s
  2. You didn’t learn any lessons in your 20’s, therefore you wish to embrace and appropriate my life lesson for yourself (that’s okay)
  3. You’re in your 20’s so you’re just hoping for a cheat sheet
  4. You know me personally so you’re reading to see how accurate my account of events really are

In short, you’re just incredibly smart and decided what I wrote is worth reading.

Disclaimer: I am still in my 20’s

Let me sit down and tell you my 20’s are full of eventful anecdotes. I’m not the type to go into details but all I will say is – it’s a miracle I made it to 28. I am not talking about a life-threatening condition which led me to a near-death experience. It’s really not that tragic. It’s more like depression and the feeling that my life would never amount to anything. Some would say that can resemble a near-death experience.

“Death is lack or absence of vision”

Basically, I found myself in a very bad state.

I was now aware that whatever I do now will alter the course of my life. The decision I would make could break or make me.

I knew I was responsible for where I wanted my life to go, however, I knew I didn’t have enough information to bring about my desired change – which was to live.

Knowing all of this, what can I do? and what did I do?

I did what a twenty-something-year-old would do, and occasionally get high on booze (cider + ginger ale) and sleep it off hoping tomorrow will be better than yesterday. I avoided my Pastor at the time,  I believed he simply didn’t understand my predicament.

Months passed.

I slowly realised that I could no longer just hope for things to get better. I thought I had a plan. So I started changing some of my habits

  • I ate healthily
  • I started running
  • I became committed to the church

But none of the above filled the emptiness inside of me. I was still depressed and with no sense of direction. One thing which I did know is that I didn’t know what I wanted. I wanted to live but what does that really mean to me. And that’s when things started to come together beautifully.

Two important questions I now knew needed an imperative answer in order to move me on in life.

  • Why?
  • Asking why eventually lead to what? and how?

I challenge you to answer these question for yourselves. Ask yourself why?

Don’t get stuck in a vicious circle. Instead, I challenge you to ask, “why am I not making progress? Why am I feeling this way? why am I unable to change? Why am I not living my dreams? Why am I stuck in a 9-5?

As a result of asking why I found the answers which troubled my mind for so long.

The answer to the questions above and among many others I had was the same: A strong desire. I later on in life got acquainted with the book ‘The Power of Your Mind’ which goes into details about the subject of strong desire.

I lacked motivation, I lacked the willingness to truly change things around. I found out that whenever I made up my mind – things changed and I would no longer stay in that dyer place of stagnation – I found myself making progress. I got uncomfortable with the idea of not enjoying life. I got tired of being tired. The key is a ‘strong desire’ – it will propel you to your desired dreams.

Remember this as  you assess your own personal life:

  1. You can achieve anything with a strong desire
  2. A strong desire can only come from You

Do you want to live? Do you want to live the life you always dreamed of? Do you want financial freedom? Do you want to make friends? Do you want to marry and find Mr/Mrs RIGHT?

Harness a strong desire, consciously decide that you had enough with the former way of life. You will know when you get there – like when you want to travel to destination x – you find a strong desire. You wake up, you decide your mode of transportation – okay you decide to drive- so you get in your car – you then start the car – you get it in the right gear – you engage – and you drive. moments later you arrive. Life is no different- however, you may need to magnify things. As a strong desire is built in your mind.

Not only do I read and respond to every comment, but it leaves a smile on my face.

Let’s make incredible things…


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