The ultimate guide to surviving criticism

Ever wonder why harsh words linger so long in your conscience and why they make you feel like a ton of bricks and then make you ball your eyes out. It’s because words are powerful. But you can overcome words, you can defeat criticism. You can learn to withstand the voices of your past. The negative comments which weighed you down can be erased in an instance.

Let me start with a short story.

I was the most sensitive person you could ever meet. I mean you could just blink at me and that would make me cry. So, not to talk of when people would say means things to me. I remember back in school there was so much I was insecure about but the one thing I would hate was when kids made fun of my eyes. I mean I love my eyes now and I couldn’t care less what people think of my eyes now but back then that was something that would make me so angry and insecure.

Let’s fast forward to today.

I can proudly say that I can deal with things like that today. One thing which you always need to keep in mind is that words can not change you or affect you until you give it power to. Words are very powerful and can affect changes to you but only when you allow it to.  And that’s really the secret to overcome any criticism or words wrongly aimed at you. My husband always reminds me that ‘you don’t prepare for a fight on the battlefield.’

Get to know who you are and what you stand for. If someone called you stupid, the only way this could offend or affect you is if you had doubt over it. Never be in doubt about who you are and sometimes, more importantly, who you are not. Value yourself, fill yourself with your own words, keep telling yourself who you are. Let positive affirmation become your daily routine. Repetitive assertion is not just a reminder of who you are but the more you fill yourself with goodness the harder it becomes for inconsistent words to gain ascendancy over you.

It is a process, and building yourself strong with positive words is the best defend. Never use your words to intimidate or hurt someone. Don’t say anything you wouldn’t want to hear yourself. Think twice before you speak. Be slow to speak but quick to hear. I now have personally built what I call a spiritual shredder. I constantly filter and shred what I hear on a daily basis. I have also learnt to stay away from toxic people. Sometimes the best way to survive criticism is to stay away from it.

Not all criticism is bad criticism. Some are aimed to destroy while some will, correct, teach and build. No matter the intention always be prepared to come out on top.


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