Why asking for help is not a sign of weakness but actually a sign of great strength

Many believe that asking for help makes one look weak, incompetent and cowardly. I once believed it myself, but thing changed, not so long ago.

The idea that asking for help is a sign of weakness, is like refusing to wear life jacket while at sea (best analogy I could think of). The thought of asking for help  was unthinkable to me at one point. I would have rather  be left out dry than to  simply ask for help. My brain was wired in a strange way then, and I believe that this mindset stemmed from what I had witness and endured in the past. I saw people close to me asking for help when they were in a most deprived environment, in a desperate place, in a weak and vulnerable position. I have since then associated  a cry for help as a position of weakness. Until I got a revelation; help is not only for the weak but also for the strong. I came to the conclusion that help can be acquired for those that have found success and also those who aspire for success.

I have always been obsessed with crime dramas as long as I can remember. And you may wonder how this is relevant at all. Well, I have studied lawyers and attorneys for a while; I realized that they are only able to make a successful case with help of many individuals. As talented and smart as lawyers are, they still need help from others to succeed. Lawyers don’t just knock on doors they often smash doors too. Okay, I’m not saying to knock anybody down for the sake of getting what you need but you can certainly learn the art of assertiveness and get people who wouldn’t normally look in your direction to partner with you.   So I now better understand the expression ‘NO man is an island,’ I need you and you need me. I scratch your back and you scratch mine.

At one point of time we must accept, ask or render help to and from someone. That’s how civilization  evolved, that’s how the world works. Any successful entity functions with the principle of providing help/solving a dilemma, an equation, a problem, ect…

I was once was ashamed to accept help from anybody. So if like my old-self you think it’s wrong to admit you need help, you may soon or later find you can’t progress any further. I thought I could do things on my own for the longest time. I would only accept help when I ran out of options, but the fact is I didn’t put myself on this earth and neither did I get this far by my own prowess or abilities. Someone had to accept my applications, someone had to open the doors, to teach me a few things. Be open minded  and allow help your way.



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